• Monthly(4 Weeks): 1 BIN $20 ($5 EACH ADDITIONAL)
  • Bi-Monthly(8 Weeks): 1 BIN $25 ($5 EACH ADDITIONAL)
  • Quarterly(12 Weeks): 1 BIN $30 ($5 EACH ADDITIONAL)
  • Annual (52 Weeks): 1 BIN $45 ($5 EACH ADDITIONAL)
  • Bi-Annual(26 Weeks): 1 BIN $40 ($5 EACH ADDITIONAL)
  • One-Time Only Clean: 1 BIN $49 ($10 EACH ADDITIONAL)

Hey, Sioux Falls. We’re Victory Bin Cleaning. And we clean dirty trash bins.

Not long ago we got real sick and tired of how badly our dirty trash bins smelled. It got to a point where we couldn’t take it any longer and started looking for a solution. We soon discovered a lot of other people struggle with the same issue.

If you’re anything like us, you probably hate that your garbage bins are dirty or how bad they smell. Until now there’s been no real easy solution for the problem. Spraying down with your garden hose does a poor job and mostly just makes your stinky mess all wet, which definitely doesn’t help.

Your bins can be clean and odor free is as little as a couple minutes. Ready to learn more? Complete the New Customer Form by clicking the link below.

What you should know about cleaning your garbage cans.

1- Cleaning your garbage bins is as logical as wiping down your counters, toilets and other every day surfaces.

2- We’re not showing up with a bucket and some brushes. Our specialized equipment is designed to do one thing, clean dirty garbage cans! 

3- We use 200° water to clean and sanitize your garbage cans. You could eat off of them when we leave, if you really wanted to.

4- We obsess over customer communication. You’ll always get email and text reminders about your upcoming visit.

5- When we’re done cleaning your garbage cans, we’ll walk them back up to your garage or gate, right where you left them.

6- Our monthly and quarterly plans are affordable for any budget. Clean garbage cans shouldn’t be out of the question for anyone! While we don’t do contracts, there’s a $50 charge should you cancel before 3 visits/cleanings.